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We only offer great deals to our cash buyers in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities Metro. Regardless if you're a real estate investor who does fix and flip or buy and hold, we have below market deals for you. 

You'll want to be on our buyers list. Because we sell homes extremely fast, and at volume we can offer them at wholesale prices. 
What To Expect?
  • Big Discounts - Since we have a pipeline of off market deals we're able to provide steep discount homes for our cash buyers. 
  • Smooth Transactions - Our team makes each transaction a smooth process, allowing you to focus on what you're after. The deal. 
  • Fix and Flip - Some properties need a complete renovation. While others are paint and carpet only. We have what you're looking for.
Q: Why are the properties discounted so much on this site? Wouldn’t you just keep the best deals for yourself?
Find investment properties discounted 20-50% because we focus on finding great deals, many more than we could handle on our own. Our marketing systems help us get in touch with home owners who are needing to sell their property. They may be in foreclosure and our company can help them out by buying their house quickly for cash… which is a win-win. Then, we pass the discount along to you.
How Can I Join the Minnesota cash buyers list?   
Simply enter your name and email in the form above and we'll add you to our buyers list. You can unsubscribe at anytime if you no longer wish to receive info on discounted properties in Minnesota. Currently we focus primarily on the Twin Cities Metro.
What is wholesaling real estate?
Just about anytime you purchase anything at a retail store, there was a “wholesaler” involved. A wholesaler is basically someone who purchases, produces, or “locks” up something at a certain price and then sells them for a higher price (some people call them a “middle man”). If you’ve ever purchased a used car at a car lot chances are they bought it from someone else at a lower price, and then sold it to you for a profit. The same thing can be done with real estate in Minnesota.
Why are you looking for cash Buyers in the Twin Cities Metro area?
Most of the properties we wholesale in Minnesota are in need repair and many won’t qualify for conventional real estate loans. In addition, 80% of the time we need to close in ten days or less.
How are the properties on this site different from ones I’d find on the MLS?
Since we work directly with homeowners we have properties that you'll never find on the MLS. The MLS is the “Multiple Listing Service” which is where real estate agents list properties for sale. We work directly with the home owners because many times we’re able to help them solve their problem more quickly and cheaper than listing it on the MLS.
Can I use bank financing to buy these properties?
Some of our properties you can use bank financing, but most of the properties require cash buyers. We tend to work with people looking for investment properties who are paying cash and who can close quickly. However, if you are pre-approved with a bank and can close quickly… we’ll consider all offers. If you need financing to buy a property you see on our site, contact us today and we can connect you with lenders that we recommend and have worked with before.
What type of property's do you wholesale in Minnesota?
We wholesale discounted single-family homes, multi-family homes, condos, apartments and even vacant land in the Twin Cities Metro. 
What do you do with my contact information?
We use your contact information to send you Investment opportunities. If you don’t like the properties I'm sending out, you can unsubscribe to our wholesale Twin Cities Metro buyers list at anytime.
I'm also a wholesaler here in MN. Can we work together?
We love working with other investors and real estate wholesalers here in Minnesota. Whether you're brand new or a seasoned investor, I’m confident we can help each other out.
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